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Numerous attempts to build houses in the Sealand Basin have been rejected by the local council on the grounds that the land is part of the flood plain of the River Dee. The Civic Trust has consistently objected to planning applications for any further development in the area on the grounds that further building will increase the flood risk to hoMes and businesses in the surrounding area.

Yet the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government has granted outline planning approval for 142 houses off Sealand Road on land that was used as playing fields by the former Chester College

The recent heavy rainfall has resulted in flooding that has closed the Deva Link, turned the Meadows into a lake and left local residents with waterlogged gardens and flooded cellars. The Civic Trust has questioned whether the flood protection scheme that is proposed by the developers will be adequate to protect existing homes and businesses from further damage from flooding.


Press Release-PDRs


The Limes Hotel 12 Hoole Road Chester CH2 3NJ : Change of use from guest house accommodation to self contained residential flats

Chester Civic Trust objects for the following reasons:

Policy DM22 of the CWAC Local Plan Part 2 states in para. 12.35 ‘ Dwellings created through the conversion/sub-division of an existing dwelling house should provide adequate accommodation, and not compromise living standards especially where smaller units are provided.’
It is considered that the space created by this conversion for individual flats does not comply with this policy particularly the proposed bedsits in units 5 and 6.
Also no details are provided in the application plans of car parking, cycle parking, bin storage and communal outdoor space to serve the future residents.
We are concerned that if these issues are not addressed the development will result in poor living standards and should therefore be refused.