Professor Kieth Lilley: Mapping Historical Townscapes – visualising Chester’s Urban Heritage.

Keith Lilley is Professor of Historical Geography at Queen’s University Belfast. He is also chair of the Historic Towns Trust, a registered charity that aims to promote the use of maps and atlases to raise greater awareness of Britain’s urban heritage and historic townscapes. He will talk about his previous work on medieval Chester, and how maps have helped us to understand not only more about the city’s medieval past but also revealed the continued presence of these legacies in today’s urban landscape. He will use state-of-the art digital mapping techniques to illustrate what potential there is for creating a new historical map of Chester, and how this map would itself form an important contribution to a nationwide programme of mapping Britain’s historic towns and cities overseen by the Historic Towns Trust.

Lectures are held on Wednesday evenings at 1930 in the Grosvenor Museum lecture Theatre.

Lectures are free to members of Chester Civic Trust and guests are welcome: £5 on the door.