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Floor Plan of Spaces Available for Hire.

Rooms 1 and 2 are the main rooms for booking. Note that there is a small kitchen preparation area for hot or cold drinks and cold food. The room adjacent to the kitchen is suitable for an external caterer supplying hot meals.

Large Room 1
The main features of this room are the ornate seventeenth century plaster ceiling and the massive fireplace. These were not originally designed for this building. It is thought that both the ceiling and the fireplace may have come from the Bishop’s Palace in Abbey Square, which was largely destroyed by parliamentary bombardment during the Civil War (1642-1646). St Anselm’s Chapel, the bishop’s private chapel, which still survives as part of the cathedral, has a plaster ceiling that is almost identical to the one in this room. Inventories of the Bishop’s Palace record a massive fireplace and it would not have been unusual to remove these expensive features to a new building in the mid-seventeenth century.

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Small Room 2
The plasterwork in his room does not equal the quality of the ceiling in the larger room. However, there are many interesting motifs including Tudor roses, horses, ship’s wheels and starfish, also the three legs of Man which relates to Bishop Geoffry Lloyd who became Bishop of Chester in 1604 and who bought the rooms in 1605. Around the room is a sea-monster frieze, partly hidden by later wooden panelling. Watergate Street was the main route from the port of Chester so maritime designs are not unusual in this area.

The small kitchen is suitable for the preparation of sandwiches and other such items. There are sufficient plates, cups and saucers for 80 people. There is a refrigerator, a small microwave oven, a hot water boiler, a kettle and 2 large thermos flasks, 12 tumblers and 48 wine glasses. If a function in Room 1 requires more advanced food preparation, Room 2 can also be hired for this pupose.

General View of the Kitchen.

General Facilities
The general facilities available include: 15 tables (4ft x 2.5ft), 100 chairs, a projector stand and screen, 2 flip chart stands, (hirers to bring their own paper), 1 lectern and a black board.

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