Planning application 20/00771/FUL
Erection of one detached dwelling | Redcliffe 9 Lower Park Road Chester
Cheshire CH4 7BB
Civic Trust Comments:
The Chester Civic Trust objects to this application on the following grounds:
1. The proposed dwelling will be harmful to the historic and architectural
character of the adjoining listed buildings and gardens.
2. The proposed dwelling will also be detrimental to the character of the
conservation area.
3. The design of the proposed dwelling pays no respect to or consideration for
the heritage of the listed buildings and conservation area.
The reasons for this are as follows:
Numbers 7and 9 Lower Park Road are both grade 2 listed buildings and were
originally constructed as a single development with a garden designed as a whole by
Edward Kemp well known for his 19 th century landscape design. The listing notes for
9 Lower Park Road state ‘The quality of exterior and interior and their relation to the
contemporary garden make this item probably the most complete example of a 19th
century suburban house in Chester’.
The proposed development would severely disrupt the coherent design of this pair of
listed dwellings and the valuable heritage of the unifying historic garden design
between and surrounding the dwellings, as shown on the heritage statement in
paragraph 4.13.
The Civic Trust does not agree with the claim by the applicants that modern
interventions on the original garden design compromise its overall function as part of
the character of the listed buildings. The garden space could easily be restored to its
historic character by a sympathetic owner. The current ‘neglected’ space cannot be
used as a justification for the proposed development of an infill dwelling that would
cause severe disruption of the garden space which is an important part of the
heritage of the area.
The proposed development would have a major impact on the setting of the Chester
City Conservation Area particularly as observed from the opposite side of the River
Dee. This riverside view is an important part of the overall attractiveness and historic
character of Chester that is so attractive to residents and visitors.

In particular the prevailing character of the high quality 19 th century suburban
development, with large houses set in grand gardens would be severely disrupted by
this unsympathetic intrusion. The limited visibility of the proposed development
claimed by the applicant does not dilute the importance of the design of the garden
between numbers 7 and 9 as part of the listed heritage of the buildings and character
of the conservation area.
The Civic Trust is also concerned with the amount of detail provided in the plans
about the design and materials of the proposed dwelling. This uncompromising
design pays no regard to the architectural heritage of the surrounding buildings and
no detail is given about the materials to be used in construction. In the important
setting of a listed building within the conservation area it is not sufficient to leave the
choice of materials to be left to a planning condition. These important matters must
be agreed in advance particularly as this is a ‘self build development’ which may be
more vulnerable to cost considerations.

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