Events Committee

The Events Committee organises the annual lecture series and various events in our headquarters at Bishop Lloyd’s Palace. It organises very successful trips and visits to other towns and cities throughout the UK and from time to time, abroad. Past UK visits have included Lancaster, Cambridge, Leeds, Wakefield, Ludlow, Derby, Belfast, Hull Scarborough, etc. Trips abroad have most recently included Montpellier, Padua and Berlin. These are a great way to get to know other members and it is a privilege to be guided around historic towns by members of associated civic societies.
Events Committee members:
Karen Mackay (Chair)
Pat Barry
Ruth Davidson
Norah Edwards
Graham Fisher
Jan Hore
Martin Meredith
Cynthia Paley
Cynthia Phillips
Jenny Roberts
Keith Truman

To read a report please click on one of the following links.
May 2013 Events Report to Council
April 2013 Events Report to Council