Committee Reports

Most of the day-to-day activities of the Chester Civic Trust are carried out by groups of volunteers under the supervision of six committees and in accordance with the Constitution.

To read the Chester Civic Trust Constitution please click on the following link.
Constitution of the Chester Civic Trust

These committees report their activities to the Chester Civic Trust Council.
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New Works Committee.
Urban Development Committee.
Events Committee.
Publicity Committee.
Palace Committee.
Heritage Committee

Our New Works Committee monitors developments and current planning applications submitted for sites within the greater Chester area. It makes its views known by passing comment to elected Councillors and planning officers. It meets normally every Thursday at one o’clock in the Planning Department in The Forum.

Our Urban Development Committee takes a multi-disciplinary approach to addressing urban issues. It concerns itself with the related issues of traffic and transport, conservation, forward planning, open spaces, and urban regeneration. Its key role is to advise and make recommendations on local planning, urban design and conservation, regional planning, and transportation. It aims both to stimulate public interest in the City’s built environment and to promote high standards of planning and urban design.

Three support groups make sure that the society functions as an efficient and enjoyable social group that cares for its own members.

The Events Committee organises the annual lecture series and various events in our headquarters at Bishop Lloyd’s Palace. It organises very successful trips and visits to other towns and cities throughout the UK and from time to time, abroad. Past UK visits have included Lancaster, Cambridge, Leeds, Wakefield, Ludlow, Derby, Belfast, Hull Scarborough, etc. Trips abroad have most recently included Montpellier, Padua and Berlin. These are a great way to get to know other members and it is a privilege to be guided around historic towns by members of associated civic societies.

The Publicity Committee publicizes the Trust’s activities by producing regular newsletters, the Annual Report, Membership Cards and all the other material issued to members throughout the year, it is also responsible for maintaining the website.

The Palace Committee looks after the care and maintenance of Bishop Lloyd’s Palace. It is thanks to a large number of volunteers who staff the office from Monday to Thursday that our office functions as a valued HQ

What you can do
New members are always very welcome. Whether you simply want to join and attend our lecture series, or become more involved, please click on the Membership button then print off a copy of the application form.