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Northgate scheme final comments 4th July 2016

 CAAP’s response to the latest Northgate scheme, as communicated to the developers.
Further to recent presentation to CAAP on 12 January, I attach our confirmed response, this being the collective response of the whole panel, all members being agreeable to this.  Trust that this is helpful in providing our feedback on the Northgate Scheme proposals and look forward to seeing how the scheme develops over the coming weeks/months in response to these points.
Northgate – CAAP comments Jan 2016


Chester civic Trust regrets the loss of trees at Greenbank, Eaton Road.
Did the developer have permission to remove the pleached limes etc?
The comment from the Tree team was “There is a row of lime trees located on the boundary with Eaton Road which have been pleached in the past. Can we confirm these trees are to be retained..
A number of trees will be lost on site and the council should seek mitigation for the loss of approximately 35 trees within the proposed development site. This is a point the Landscape Team will have addressed.
We should all keep an eye out for this sort of creeping damage to our environment.
If you see anything like this please tell Chester Civic Trust about it.


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Our Local Council website, which is extensive, offers information on local matters and the ability to report problems and make suggestions.

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