Latest News for 2019 Heritage Open Days

Chester Heritage Open Days 2019 Brochure

This is the 25th anniversary of Heritage Open Days (HODs) – and Chester Civic Trust has been involved from the very early years of HODs.

Note: The restoration of Murgatroyds Brine Pump, Middlewich, has been delayed and so unfortunately can not open as described on page 26 of the booklet.


The Heritage Open Days Committee (Civic Trust members Kathryn Goodwin, Cynthia Phillips, Annmarie McFadyen, Christine Stockton, Ann Ord Sykes, together with their Cheshire West and Chester Council colleagues) have now finalised the buildings and events available for HODs this year.  The dates, chosen by the National Trust which sponsors HODs in England, are Friday 13thto Sunday 22ndSeptember 2019.

We have our usual range of buildings and events open free of charge in and around Chester.  New for 2019 are:

  • A guided walking tour of Victorian / Edwardian Hoole
  • A walk around historic Ellesmere Port
  • St Michael’s Church, Shotwick – including an opportunity to ring the church bells
  • A visit to Recycle First, Leslie Road, Winsford.
  • Weaver Dairy House Farm Tour, Winsford
  • St Mary the Virgin Church, Weaverham
  • Weaverham Blue Plaque walk
  • Brunner Guildhall, 360 High Street, Weaverham
  • Saltscape Walk, Anderton, Northwich

Tours offered just once are listed on Eventbrite and can be booked from 8th August.  This is to allow a fair chance to those booking from the printed booklet which we are distributing from 5thAugust. Tours offered more than once are available to be booked on Eventbrite now.  Telephone booking is also available – details in the booklet.

To see a full list of HODs buildings and events in England go to the National Trust website: