Proposed: The extension to and conversion of former offices to create 19 residential apartments (including demolition to the rear and alterations to the southern boundary

Civic Trust Objections:  The Chester Civic Trust does not consider that the revised application addresses the problems with the development of the previous application and therefore objects to the application on the following grounds:

Cramped living space
The floor space of the proposed apartments are below the standard normally expected in new development s of this type leading to a poor quality of life for residents. The cramped nature of the site and the city centre location should not be used as justification for unacceptable living conditions. If the space devoted to the open balconies was to be incorporated into internal floor space then this may alleviate the problem.

Lack of natural light.
Some of the rooms do not have any natural daylight and this is totally unacceptable for decent living conditions.

Other concerns.
The lack of any on site parking will only exacerbate on street parking nearby creating potential highway safety issues.

The security of residents should also be considered and the site designed against crime.