Preservation and Progress

Preservation and Progress – The Story of Chester Since 1960

A new book by Peter de Figueiredo and Cyril Morris
Edited by Stephen Langtree

Is Chester an ‘historic city’ or a ‘modern city’; a finely balanced and well managed combination of the two, or an uncomfortable and paranoid victim of a split personality? It’s a dilemma highlighted, if not created, by our Victorian forebears, and played out in good measure since the end of the Second World War.

When Chester Civic Trust was founded in 1960 its initial enthusiasm for high quality contemporary design was soon tempered by the urgent need to save an endangered historic townscape. Demolition on an unprecedented scale could not be stopped, but was it always necessary, and what would follow in its wake?

This ‘story of Chester since 1960’ is an unapologetic celebration of the Civic Trust’s Golden Jubilee in 2010 but, more importantly, it explains what happened, why it happened and which lessons this much-loved city has still to learn …

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