From Bricks to Villas

F_Cover2_03Hough Green, Chester has a long history not only as the main route from Chester to North Wales and Ireland but also as an area of industry. Only in the last 150 years has it been transformed from Chester’s major brick-making site to a prestigious residential area.
The first inkling for a book setting down this history came when one of the authors gave a presentation to the Hough Green Residents’ Association in 1999. One or two of the other authors who were present suggested that a book might be possible but nothing happened because of other commitments. However, the idea never went away and a couple of years ago, with changing circumstances, the idea was reborn. This time, it took root and grew to achieve what we have today.
The authors of the book are: Ray Carpenter, Pam Corkerton, Carol Farrell and Mike Lloyd
With much financial and other support from the Hough Green Residents’ Association, ‘From Bricks to Villas’ was published on 3rd March 2015.
It details the story of Hough Green over the last 600 years noting both the mighty and the mundane. It takes 144 pages of quality paper with a wealth of images to enhance that tale. As far as we know, there are no other history books covering this location so the book fills a gap in the literature.
The book, priced at £14.95, is available from the Hough Green Local History Group by mailing or by calling:
Carol on 01244 674955
Mike on 01244 680328
Pam on 01244 680277
Ray on 01244 671684