Our Local and National War Memorials

Below is an extract from an email received from Civic Voice
I am writing to let you know of an opportunity for members of your organisation to get involved in an exciting and rewarding project as part of the First World War commemorative events.

How Will We Remember Them?

It is estimated that there are 100,000 war memorials of different types throughout the UK. Throughout the centenary we would like to ensure that they are a fitting tribute to those who gave their lives in the First World War and subsequent conflicts. Over the next four years we will be helping volunteers throughout England to record the condition of their local war memorials and take steps to ensure they are conserved and protected for the future.

Volunteer Involvement
Civic Voice, in partnership with Historic England, Imperial War Museums and War Memorials Trust, is asking for volunteers to carry out condition surveys of their local war memorials. This will provide an overall picture of the condition of memorials throughout England and enable grant funding to be directed to those in need of conservation. Volunteers will also be encouraged to apply to have their local memorials listed, giving them protection for the future.
A series of free workshops is being organised to provide volunteers with all the necessary training, and ongoing support will be provided by Civic Voice and the War Memorials Trust.

A free workshop has been organised at Bishop Lloyd’s Palace, Chester on Tuesday May 12th.
It will provide volunteers with the opportunity to discuss the project and find out how to identify and record the condition of their local war memorials. From the workshop volunteers will gain:

* Background information about the project
* Training to undertake a condition survey.
* Training on how to record survey results on the War Memorials Online website

The chance to ask questions
A resource pack containing all the necessary information to get you started. Members of your organisation who are interested in coming to the workshop can reserve their place by visiting


I hope this provides enough of an introduction to the project in order for you and your members to consider getting involved. It is a great opportunity to make a real and lasting difference to an important part of your local heritage. If you require any further information about the project please do not hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks
kind regards
Anna Wilson
Senior Development Officer (War Memorials)
Civic Voice
60 Duke Street, Liverpool L1 5AA
Tel: 0151 707 4319
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