Opportunities to all Members

Like most voluntary organisations, Chester Civic Trust is always keen to recruit new members. This happens in a variety of ways, one of which is national Civic Day. Launched by Civic Voice in 2011, this initiative gives civic societies around the country a ‘gentle push’ to promote themselves to a wider audience in the hope of enlisting new members. Our activities include an open day at Bishop Lloyd’s Palace (with a ‘rolling slideshow’ of images of Chester), an exhibition in the windows of an empty shop (thanks to Malcolm Sibson) and three evening walks led by Stephen Langtree. Our thoughts are now turning to this year’s Civic Day and a working group is about to be set up to plan the activities. If you would like to help, please contact Martin Meredith or Stephen Langtree as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, we would like to extend a very warm welcome to all these new members who have joined since 2011:

Mary Allanson, T W L & L Andrewes, Christine Arnold, Sheila Bartholomew, Victoria Bate, Jessica Brearey, John & Margaret Brinkley, David & Camille Brown, Caroline Chappell, Christina Christenson, Keith & Rachel Cooper, Gwyneth Cooper, Roger Cornwell,
Roger Davey, Gordon Davies, Jason Doherty, Angela Edwards MBE, Janet Edwards, Judith Fernandes, Mark & Ros Flinn, Peter & Pat Fox, , Jean Glass & Elwyn Wilson,
Marie Griffiths, Douglas & Barbara Gruffydd-Walters, Judith Hawkins, John Hillyer
Margaret Holdswoth, Antony Holliday, Scott McCrimmon, Niall & Annemarie MacFadyen,
Carol McLoughlin & Michael Nield, Catherine Meehan, John Moore, Heather Oldham,
John & Maria Owen, Frances Peacock, Michael Plane, Gerald & Elizabeth Pugh,
David & Anne Ritchie, Jennifer Roberts, Wendy & Derek Roberts, Cheryl Robinson,
Michael & Mrs Ross, Martin Shutt, Kate Smaller, Kate Smith and Bernard Walters,
Malcolm Smith, Mike Smith, Howard Stevens, Christine & Paul Stockton,
Emma Stringfellow, Alex & Phil Tate, Jean Thomason, Frank & Janet Titley,
Bill Wakefield & Gwen Morton, Sue Waller, Gwilym & Pat Hughes, Hilary Jones,
Ian Karling, Chris Lawley, Jeffrey Lee, Barbara Lloyd, Simon Waters, Celia Webber,
Thomas Welsh, Mr & Mrs G C Willis, Hugh Winkler, Steven Wright.

We are pleased to have your support and hope that those of you who wish to get more involved in our activities will do so without hesitation.

Civic Trust members, new and old, can get involved in our work in a variety of ways, such as:
helping as an office volunteer
If you are free between 12 noon and 2.00pm once a week, once a fortnight or on an occasional basis please help us to run our office in Bishop Lloyd’s Palace. No special knowledge or previous experience is required – just a cheerful disposition and a willingness to learn! (‘though basic computer skills would be an advantage).

helping to deliver our mailings
volunteers are urgently needed for some of our local distribution areas (or to share in some cases). Mailings happen six or seven times a year and the more we can hand-deliver the less it costs us in postage.

If you can offer your services in these, or any other ways, please contact Martin Meredith
at Bishop Lloyd’s Palace or by:
Phone 01244 381415
email admin@chestercivictrust.org.uk

Thank you !
Stephen Langtree
Chairman, Publicity Committee